Kroger Employee Benefits and Perks

If you’re considering applying for a job at Kroger, you may be wondering what benefits does Kroger offer to its employees?

Employee benefits play a pivotal role in not only enticing prospective employees but also in ensuring the happiness and well-being of the existing workforce.

Kroger Employee Benefits

As a company, Kroger is committed to providing its employees with a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.

In this article, I will take a closer look at Kroger Employee Benefits and Perks.

What is Kroger?

Kroger is an American retail company that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States.

The company was founded by Barney Kroger in 1883 and has a history of serving customers through food freshness, low prices, and innovation.

What is Kroger

It is the largest supermarket operator in the United States by revenue and the fifth-largest general retailer.

Kroger has nearly 2,800 stores in 35 states operating under 28 different names. The company is known for its commitment to value, convenience, and making customers’ lives simpler.

Why is it Good to Work for Kroger?

Kroger is a company that values its employees and offers several benefits to those who work for them. The company provides comprehensive benefits, including affordable healthcare, 401(k)s, and pensions.

Kroger compensates its employees generously, with an average hourly compensation of over $22 when factoring in comprehensive benefits.

The company has a people-first, inclusive culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Kroger offers career paths in various fields, including store operations, logistics and manufacturing, and Kroger Health.

The company encourages its employees to grow and develop their skills and provides opportunities for advancement. Kroger recognizes and rewards its employees for their hard work and dedication.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company provided special bonuses and established a $100 payment for fully-vaccinated associates. Overall, Kroger is a great place to work, with its inclusive culture, recognition, and rewards for hard work, and comprehensive benefits.

What Benefits Do Full-Time Kroger Employees Get?

Kroger Employee Benefits and Perks

Full-time Kroger employees receive a range of benefits. Here are some of the benefits that full-time Kroger employees can expect:

Healthcare and Medical Benefits

Full-time employees may be eligible for comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance plans to help cover their healthcare needs and those of their eligible dependents.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Kroger often provides a 401(k) plan to help employees save for their retirement. This plan might include employer contributions and opportunities for employees to contribute on a pre-tax basis.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Full-time employees might accrue paid time off, including vacation days, sick days, and holidays, depending on their tenure and job position.

Employee Discounts

Kroger employees often receive discounts on Kroger products and services, which can help them save money on their grocery shopping.

Tuition Assistance

Kroger may offer tuition assistance or reimbursement programs for employees seeking to further their education or develop new skills.

Life Insurance

Full-time employees might have access to life insurance coverage, providing financial protection to their designated beneficiaries.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAPs are often available to provide employees and their families with confidential counseling and support services for various personal and professional challenges.

Growth opportunities

Kroger is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. With training programs, skill-building workshops, and opportunities for advancement within the company, you can chart a rewarding career path and achieve your professional goals.

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What Benefits Do Part-Time Kroger Employees Get?

Part-time Kroger staff receive a comparable range of benefits akin to those enjoyed by full-time employees. Part-time positions generally involve working up to 30 hours per week.

Kroger places emphasis on offering training prospects to part-time team members, with the possibility of advancing in one’s career.

If you’re considering applying for a position at Kroger, the following are among the benefits you can anticipate as a part-time employee:

Health Insurance

While health benefits may vary, part-time employees might have access to health insurance options, prescription drug coverage, and wellness programs.

Certain part-time employees at Kroger are entitled to receive paid time off and vacation leave. Eligibility for these benefits hinges on factors such as hours worked, store location, and tenure.

However, it’s important to note that vacation leave cannot be utilized until an individual has completed at least one year of service with Kroger.

Retirement Plan

Kroger may offer a 401(k) retirement plan to part-time employees, allowing them to contribute a portion of their income for future savings.

Depending on how many hours you work, you may be able to access the Kroger 401K plan. In addition, you can set aside up to 75% of your salary as you save for your future.

Employee Discounts

Part-time Kroger employees are entitled to the same 10% off as full-time employees. This discount is available on home-branded products.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kroger’s commitment to its employees’ well-being is evident through its comprehensive range of benefits.

From healthcare coverage and retirement plans to career development opportunities and work-life balance initiatives, Kroger aims to create a supportive and fulfilling work environment.

Whether you’re considering a job at Kroger or are already a part of the team, understanding the array of benefits available to you can greatly enhance your experience and satisfaction as an employee.


How does Kroger support employee career development?

Kroger offers various training programs, tuition assistance, and opportunities for internal promotions to support employees’ career growth.

Can Kroger employees avail of discounts on Kroger products?

Yes, employees enjoy discounts on Kroger products, helping them save on their grocery expenses.

Does Kroger provide any assistance for further education?

Absolutely, Kroger offers tuition reimbursement programs to assist employees in pursuing further education and advancing their careers.

How does Kroger promote work-life balance?

Kroger promotes work-life balance through paid time off, flexible scheduling options, and parental leave policies.

Are part-time employees eligible for Kroger’s benefits?

Yes, even part-time employees are eligible for certain benefits, including healthcare coverage and participation in retirement plans.